14.6.2022 | Business Kuopio

Marginum featured as one of rising stars in Kuopio start-up scene

Marginum Ltd, founded in autumn 2020, is developing next-generation technology for the removal of cancerous tumours. The innovation is based on years of scientific research.
The smart tissue monitor developed by the company detects cancer cells by utilising fluorescence. 

“The smart tissue monitor is used to improve treatments and reduce reoperations”, says Adjunct Professor and Resident in neurosurgery, Antti-Pekka Elomaa.

“The monitor is attached to the suction tube used by the surgeon to remove cancer cells. Based on intensity of detected fluorescence, the monitor detects cancer cells from surgical waste”, says CEO Samu Lehtonen
Initially, the monitor is to be used in the surgical treatment of brain cancer. The device improves the surgeon’s performance because cancer cells can be removed more accurately and damage to healthy tissue is avoided. Healthcare costs will decrease due to lesser need for reoperations.
Marginum is set to begin clinical trials with the smart tissue monitor in autumn. 
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28.6.2024 | Marginum News

Marginum quality management system ISO 13485:2016 certified

The quality management system of Marginum has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 and EN ISO 13485:2016.

10.11.2023 | Marginum News

Marginum raises €1.7 million for market entry of tissue sensing technology for cancer surgery

Almaral, Nostetta Ventures, and Redstone led the investment into Finnish medical technology company Marginum, coupled with Business Finland R&D loan.

22.3.2023 | Marginum News

Marginum started clinical trials of a new technique for tumour surgery

Marginum Ltd has initiated its first-in-human clinical trials with the aspirate tissue monitor at the Kuopio University Hospital.

21.2.2023 | Tahko Ski Lift Pitch

Marginum – Next-generation technology for cancer surgery

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch winner Marginum is pioneering optic tissue monitoring with groundbreaking innovation borne from multidisciplinary UEF research.

10.10.2022 | Kuopio Chamber of Commerce

TSLP winner Marginum increases the efficiency of cancer surgery

Marginum joins Kuopio Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish Startup Community after winning Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 2022.

4.10.2022 | University of Eastern Finland

Marginum selected by University of Eastern Finland to Stage Two

Marginum has been nominated by University of Eastern Finland (UEF) to participate at Stage Two competition in Berlin.