We are the pioneers of optical tissue monitoring.

Founded in 2020, Marginum is revolutionising oncological surgery.

With the developed tissue detection technology for surgery, Marginum aims to make a real impact by helping millions of patients and surgical professionals around the globe.



Market forerunner in next-generation surgical techniques

Accurate identification of tumours and distinguishing them from healthy tissues during cancer surgery is a critical challenge surgeons face. With an ageing population and the projected 55 % increase in global cancer incidence by 2040, there will be over 20 million cancer patients each year in need of surgery.

Marginum’s minimally invasive tissue monitoring technology empowers surgeons with precise information about the presence and extent of tumour tissue without compromising pre-existent surgical workflow. The patented solution aims to enable surgeons to perform more accurate and targeted resections, reducing tumour recurrence and the need for reoperations while improving patient safety and surgical outcomes.



“Redstone is a European venture capital firm following selected investment strategies. Redstone’s North Karelia Growth Fund invests in companies that build upon regional strengths in technology and life sciences. Marginum’s promising technology enables positive societal change with safer and more accurate surgery.” 

Kai Hagros

– Kaj Hagros
Managing Partner, Redstone Nordics

“Nostetta Ventures invests in early-stage companies with groundbreaking innovations and exceptional teams within North Savo region. Marginum’s industry-shaping technology has its origins in the University of Eastern Finland, and the team excels in surgical technology, clinical research, and rapid advancement of the company’s technology.”

Noora Tuikka

– Noora Tuikka
CEO, Nostetta Ventures

“Almaral invests in early-stage biotech and life science companies with technologies that can significantly enhance healthcare professionals' ability to deliver services with improved efficiency, quality, or significantly reduced costs, without compromising the quality of care. Marginum enables fundamental changes in the surgical market and contributes to solving a global health issue.”

Dr. Maria Severina

– Dr. Maria Severina
Founder & CEO, Almaral


Advancing surgical oncology & patient safety.

"Marginum is developing the next-generation fluorescence-based optical tissue monitoring technology to improve surgical performance and cost-effectiveness. There is an urgent need to decrease healthcare costs and the number of reoperations and complications. 

The Marginum™ tissue monitoring solution enables safe and efficient tumour detection from surgical suction waste. The surgeon will be notified in real-time if tumour traces are present in the resected tissue. This minimally invasive approach – easily integrated into the current surgical workflow – aims for precise detection of tumour cells and minimal damage to healthy tissues. 

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team works closely with clinical, academic and industrial leaders to ensure our solutions’ seamless clinical compatibility according to clinicians’ preferences."

Samu Lehtonen, MD BSc
CEO & Co-Founder

samu lehtonen


Enabling disruptive innovations

Almaral - Marginum
Almaral invests in early-stage biotechnology and life science startups providing guidance in risk management, long-term strategies and operational functions.
Nostetta Ventures manages North Savo Startup Fund enabling and accelerating the emergence of international growth companies.
Redstone manages multiple VC funds supporting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses with globally operating investment and data analytics teams.
Kuopio University Hospital
Kuopio University Hospital and Microsurgery Centre of Eastern Finland serve as a state-of-the-art testing platform for new innovations in medical technology.
University of Eastern Finland
University of Eastern Finland is the most multidisciplinary university in Finland ranking among the best in the world in several fields.
Business Finland
Business Finland is a government organisation for trade developing Finland into the most attractive and competitive innovation environment in the world.
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Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment promotes regional competitiveness, well-being and sustainable development.
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European Union Structural Funds implement policy programmes to support sustainable growth, development and well-being of the European Union.
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SGS is an EU medical device Notified Body and an ISO 13485 Accreditation Body providing world-leading regulatory compliance services.


Marginum’s mission is to pioneer the next-generation tool in surgical techniques and we aspire to be the global leader in surgical tissue monitoring solutions. 

We aim to achieve this by developing a groundbreaking fluorescence-based tissue detection system that enables efficient and safe monitoring of tissues during cancer surgery.

Unlike any other solution, Marginum allows precise quantitative detection of tumours from surgical suction waste without compromising workflow. With our technology we hope to fulfil our vision to radically improve surgical outcomes and patient welfare, welcoming a data-driven shift in surgical approach.


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28.6.2024 | Marginum News

Marginum quality management system ISO 13485:2016 certified

The quality management system of Marginum has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 and EN ISO 13485:2016.

10.11.2023 | Marginum News

Marginum raises €1.7 million for market entry of tissue sensing technology for cancer surgery

Almaral, Nostetta Ventures, and Redstone led the investment into Finnish medical technology company Marginum, coupled with Business Finland R&D loan.

22.3.2023 | Marginum News

Marginum started clinical trials of a new technique for tumour surgery

Marginum Ltd has initiated its first-in-human clinical trials with the aspirate tissue monitor at the Kuopio University Hospital.

21.2.2023 | Tahko Ski Lift Pitch

Marginum – Next-generation technology for cancer surgery

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch winner Marginum is pioneering optic tissue monitoring with groundbreaking innovation borne from multidisciplinary UEF research.

10.10.2022 | Kuopio Chamber of Commerce

TSLP winner Marginum increases the efficiency of cancer surgery

Marginum joins Kuopio Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish Startup Community after winning Tahko Ski Lift Pitch 2022.

4.10.2022 | University of Eastern Finland

Marginum selected by University of Eastern Finland to Stage Two

Marginum has been nominated by University of Eastern Finland (UEF) to participate at Stage Two competition in Berlin.


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Location: Kuopio, Finland