Rethinking surgery.

We enable safe and efficient monitoring of tissues during cancer surgery without compromising workflows.


Better surgical outcomes with an informed minimally invasive approach

Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of aspirate tissue monitoring solutions by 2028.

Marginum is developing ground-breaking tissue recognition technology, especially for oncological surgery. Our technology enables safe and efficient identification of cancerous tissue with minimal damage to healthy tissues.

There is a globally growing need for efficient oncological treatments and accurate tissue identification is one of its biggest challenges during surgery. With our data-driven technology, we aim to radically improve surgical performance and patient outcomes. We prioritise patient welfare and adhere to the highest level of professionalism in everything we do. We respect the individual and by embracing diversity of thought, experience and background – we foster continuous learning and curiosity to deliver tangible value and lasting positive change. Our company can be only as successful as our team members and customers are.

Marginum’s timeline

Marginum’s pioneering work to radically improve surgical outcomes has already led to technological breakthroughs and received several academic and business awards. Our efforts will continue, and all is set for a rapid market entry in 2024.


2028Global leader in surgical tissue monitoring

2025Expansion to markets outside the EU

2024CE & Market Entry to EU


7/2023Seed Funding

5/2023 –Commercialisation Project

4/20231st Major public project

4/2023MedLim Accelerator

12/2022Clinical Trials launched

11/2022 –Deep Tech Growth Program

11/2022Prototype assemblies completed

10/2022Product preorders received

7/2022Market validation

5/2022R&D Units Established

4/2022Winner Startup

3/2022Research Award

2/2022Research Grant

12/2021Pre-seed Funding

1/20211st Patent Application


1/2019Draft Program Winner

2016Basic Research


Our team of multidisciplinary experts

Marginum is a medical device company based in Kuopio, Finland. 
Our team consists of multidisciplinary experts dedicated to improving surgical workflows with data-driven solutions.

Samu Lehtonen


Chief Executive Officer
Business & Operation

Antti-Pekka Elomaa

MD PhD A/Prof Neurosurgery

Chairman of Board
Education & Design

Juho Leskinen


Chief Technology Officer
Engineering & Commercialization

Dmitry Semenov


Scientific Liaison
Prototyping & Optical systems

Joonas Konki


Chief Scientific Officer
Scientific Research & Discovery

Mikko Hallanoro


Business Director
Business Development & Sales

Sami Puustinen


Clinical Trial Physician
Surgical Technology & Clinical Trials


Global key opinion leaders
in surgical technology

Marginum is privileged to work together with clinical partners and global key opinion leaders in the field of neurosurgery and surgical technology.

Professor Dr. Fady T. Charbel


Professor Fady T. Charbel is an internationally recognised key opinion leader in neurosurgery and mini-invasive surgical technology; awarded the prestigious AANS Cushing Award for Technical Excellence and Innovation in Neurosurgery. He is the Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at University of Illinois and has guided several medical innovations to the global markets (Transonic Systems Charbel Micro-Flow Probe®, VasSol NOVA® flow-analysis system).

Professor Dr. Fady T. Charbel

Dr. Maria Severina


Dr. Maria Severina has several decades of experience in high-quality development and product deployment across multiple industries and technologies, bringing businesses to successful commercialisation. Dr. Severina founded HyTest, the world’s leading antibody manufacturer and served as CEO for 26 years. She is a Board Member of several life science companies, including US-based Meridian Bioscience, and is actively involved with investments in life science start-up companies.

CEO Maria Severina big

Kaj Hagros


Kaj Hagros is Managing Partner at Redstone Nordics and has a broad history as an entrepreneur, investor and C-level executive with 25 years of experience. He is a board professional and has executed a wide array of early-stage investments and successful exits, and worked as CEO of Nasdaq Helsinki traded Tecnotree Corporation, COO of FOX Mobile and Head of Strategy & Business Development at Nokia Networks.

Kaj Hagros big